The Australian Power Boat Association is the recognised national sporting organisation for the sport of power boat racing in Australia, affiliated with the Union International Motonautique. The UIM is the international governing body of power boating, recognised by the International Olympic Committee.

The Queensland State Council is responsible for administering power boat racing in Queensland and reports to the national body.  This includes affiliating clubs, sanctioning race meetings and issuing race licences throughout Queensland.  The state council consists of the member clubs and executive officers.

Primarily, power boat racing in Queensland focusses on circuit racing and offshore racing.  Circuit racing classes range from the Formula Future J1 class for drivers aged from eight years old and powered by engines up to six horsepower right up to the Unlimited Outboard, Unlimited Hydroplane and Unlimited Displacement classes.  Offshore classes start with the Supercat 400 hp class, with boats usually powered by twin 200 horsepower outboard engines through to the Supercat Extreme class with engines up to 1,500 horsepower or more.

While the glamour and excitement of the grand prix, offshore and blown alcohol displacement (BAD) boats attract the bulk of the media attention, power boat racing is one of the most affordable forms of motorsport available and there is a class and level of competition to suit almost any budget.  Race days range from low-key club racing up to championship events.  Contact us or contact a club near you to find out more about how you and your family can join in the fun!